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FAQ's & Policy

We have answered some of your frequenty asked questions below as well as information about our company policies. Please read through them.

How can I book a wedding with you?

Booking your wedding is a simple process, you could either submit the form on the website or email us at or simply call us on +971-58-6744557.

I have a destination wedding/wedding in another city, can you travel & cover my events?

Yes! We can travel across the globe to cover your wedding. 

What is the minimum booking amount required to secure my wedding dates?

We take a minimum of 50% (Non Refundable) of the total agreed amount for the complete project. 

What is your refund policy?

We have a no refund policy. When we take on a booking, it is after the client has seen & appreciated our work hence, post the booking if there is a cancellation or change of heart the booking amount remains non-refundable under all circumstances as we also incur a loss when a project is cancelled and we need to compensate our team for the same. 

How long does it take for my videos and photos to to delivered?

We have a timeline of 12-16 weeks for all deliverables. We try our level best to give you the data as soon as possible. All the data is given Digitally. 

What is a copyright? Can Fables & Hues by Urvashi" use our images and footage on its social media handles?

All original works of art, including pictorial and video works have a copyright protection. This means that the creator of an image/video (in this case, Fables and Hues by Urvashi) owns the copyright for the same. Hence, Fables and Hues by Urvashi can use any images/videos on our social media channels for any purpose. Such social media posts are a matter of pride for all the clients and vendors involved however if the couple do not want their images/videos to be shared publicly, this has to specified explicitly at the time of booking the wedding with us. 

Do we get to keep the RAW Data as well?

The RAW Data for images are video are not shared with the clients under any circumstances. We filter all the data of the images and videos to ensure the best is delivered to you from the event. With multiple cameras working and numerous images running into thousands of pics and many hours of film data, it is not advised to see the data or keep it. To protect the data under copyright laws we do not share the RAW data.

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